There are many ways to get involved in FIERCE! 

FIERCE members get the opportunity to build their own leadership capacity and be apart of movements for social change that fight to end youth homelessness, mass incarceration, abusive and discriminatory policing, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and the many challenges brought on by global capitalism. We have built relationships with youth all over the US including New Mexico, New Orleans, Atlanta, California, Ohio, Boston, Philadelphia, and Puerto Rico. We have also built with organizers internationally in places like Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, and Cuba. Members get the chance to build their own campaigns, host their own events, and can also get support in finding transitional housing, connections to legal advocates, holistic wellness and mental health professionals, and we provide monthly workshops for finding jobs, building healthier relationships. Members get a chance to build a chosen family within our community of organizers and activists. 

FIERCE membership is open to LGBTQ youth of color between the ages of 13-24. Members get access to the FIERCE office for computer use, are eligible for paid leadership development internships, get access to free workshops, trainings and community events, like open mics or movie screenings.